PA Distribution dba Underground Revolution Salon

4280 S Hualapai Way, Clark, NV, 89147

PA Distribution dba Underground Revolution Salon

4280 S Hualapai Way

Clark, NV, 89147

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[07/11/14]   People all over the world are gearing up for the MEN'S HAIR CUTTING CHAMPIONSHIPS, Honestly we are humbled and it will be BAD ASS .... So brief description (subject to evolution) of the Semi-Finals ... 20 Finalists will be chosen in the Open category and 10 in the Student. (outline similar for both)

On Oct 5th 20/10 finalist will arrive at a secure salon location in Las Vegas (all travel and associated costs are responsibility of finalists) they will compete in several categories during day.

First Portion of DAY Oct 5th:
1. Video interview with judges as to the direction of men's hair dressing. (This will be used by the sponsors through world wide social media, a very big deal) You will be given the question in advance and points will be awarded (3 - 5 minutes) Be prepared.
2. They will be given a model to cut live and present the following DAY (Oct 6th) at the EVENT. (models are chosen here in LV and will be given in a fair lottery sytem, they will all be hot and cool AND OPEN TO ANYTHING) the cut and style will be completed with their (contestants) personal tools (tools NOT BEING SPONSORED, so currently all brushes are Denman and Styling is LS&B,) and the Sponsors products (AGAIN this will be video taped and used in WW SM) They will have 60 minutes to complete entire look (no color just cutting and styling), this will be videoed and they will be judged by a panel of EIGHT Celebrity, Stylists and Barbers. Here they can accumulate points (20 points for execution and use of product) ... Your presentation is key, How you set the stage so to speak. You will be given ENTIRE breakdown once you reach Semi Finals.

Second Portion of Day Oct 5th:
Completed Models to take Professional photo shoot. Here we are looking for the OVERALL LOOK (right and tight) the finished work will be judged by the same group of judges..... This work will be displayed at the event with your LIVE MODEL and the photo will be used at the live event for AUDIENCE JUDGING (possible 10 points) Again the idea is to create a mens style that reflects the MAN & Your work .... the blend ... be daring.

IF you are the best the conditions NEVER matter, nor does the model .... bring out the best in the model with their signature and your own.


Event will be held again in LV and will be at a Major Venue (which by the looks of it will need to be a bit larger then the initial venue we chose. All twenty open models will be onstage NOT COMPLETE, and Contestants will "finish hair live" in order to accumulate final points of the execution portion. then the live models will present a fashion show during the evening to stimulate audience support for voting.

During event there will be PRESENTATIONS of three MAJOR hair teams for woman and mens hair dressing and Barbering.... (very cool)

Votes tallied winner chosen...

For Student Finalists the SAME will apply BUT they will prepare their completed models day one.

Overall this is not just execution of technique alone it is the PACKAGE, does your work have relevance in the Social Media world we live in ... and can YOU recreate it anywhere.

We are stoked and ALL the contestants will have rights to display and personally use all video and photos (conditions apply but they are simple) after contest.

This is a brief description and subject to changes.

Men’s Hair Cutting Championship

To Enter:

Date of Finals October 5th & 6th 2014 Las Vegas NV
Entry Cut Off September 20th, 2014
Semi Finalists announced as received or prior to Sept 21th 2014
Contestants & Participants Limited
All contestants receive Comp Ticket to EVENT with Guest ($120 value)
Additional Tickets to Event $60 per ticket, purchased online or in advance. Audience limited FCFS.

1. Submit cash/check (LTAYH LLC) or online processing of $80 PER MODEL ENTERED, You may enter more then ONE model BUT only One will be chosen (only up to 4 models can be entered by ONE contestant). This is not a team competition, it is ‘individual’ Color or makeup MAY BE COMPLETED by another stylist but that stylist will have given the competitor FULL RIGHTS TO ALL WORK.
2. Chose OPEN (Hairstyling/Barber Licensed or STUDENT)
3. Send YOUR info: to Underground Revolution, 10300 W Charleston Blvd, Suite 17, LAS VEGAS, NV 89135 Please include, Name, Address, Phone Day & Evening, Salon or Barber Shop you are representing, email and state and years licensed if applying in the open competition.
4. Photos of finished work (three minimum) High Res no more then 5mb each. These can be sent to: [email protected]
5. INCLUDE 750 words or LESS of how and why you are inspired by “THIS” Men’s Cut. What you love about cutting men’s hair and what are your current influences.
6. Agree to ALL RULES which can be found on the website Reconstruct Protein Thickening & Strengthening Shampoo | Let's Talk About Your Hair A great review for an amazing Men's Shampoo LTAYH share's our passion about, Hair Products, Trends & Accessories. Reviews, tips and Exclusive beauty offers place you directly in touch with stylists, salons & manufacturers. Why the Best Shears will make a difference in your haircut? | Let's Talk About Your Hair LTAYH share's our passion about, Hair Products, Trends & Accessories. Reviews, tips and Exclusive beauty offers place you directly in touch with stylists, salons & manufacturers.
[04/06/12]   Welcome to a Salon Revolution... more to come this week...

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