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Back to S-cool!
Gentlemen.. We received a large order of Reuzel Pomades, and other hair and beard products today. Come get while it last.
[03/18/20]   This is Billy your barber.. The Governor of Nevada has ordered the closing of all non essential businesses which includes barber shops. This is a heads up that the barbershop will be closed until the governor has lifted the close order. Thanks for understanding. We here at Grouchys Barbershop appreciate our customers and wish you and your families well through these troubling times.
This beard is like a fine wine.. Vintage 1971 and it's only getting better with age. Thanks Jose!
Gentlemen, there will be a visiting "walk in" Barber June 26 through the 29th and again on the 3rd of July at Grouchys Barber Shop and Shave Parlor.. Very skilled and a super cool dude too. Come in and get a fresh cut, maybe a shave or both and be ready to celebrate Indepence Day!.
Customers of the week.. Meet Bob and Isabell of Norwich England, who rented a RV and are traveling the west on a 89 day holiday. Married for 2 years, these 2 love birds heard about the shop and both came in for a cut. Very cool people.
[06/12/19]   Hello everybody! Just a quick howdy and to say that we are up and running on Google now.. So if you would be so kind to drop a review of the shop and your experience it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks and enjoy the summer!
Proud to announce the addition of another Barber..Bo is excited to serve Fallon and provide professional Barbering services. Bo is accepting walk ins from 0900 to 1800 Wednesday thru Saturday. Come see Bo and get a fresh cut, shave, or both!

[03/07/19]   Apologies to my customers.. This flu bug still has me down and I will closing the shop again today. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.
Billy C
A couple of very unique items brought in by customers which exude a plethora of badassery... John P. Brought in a photo that he took on April 9 2003 at the completion of the battle of Bahdag. The photo depicts Cpl. Chin (4th Marine Div ) placing the colors over the bronze statute of Saddam Hussain prior to the bronze statute being toppled. Along with the picture was a piece of the bronze dictator himself.. Badass

The picture on the right is a 30mm projectile/ casing from a A10 WartHog (tank killer/ close air support) with Grouchy's engraved. Thanks much Dan!!!
I dig how my customers bring in things that have a lot of significance. It's what makes the shop.
Stay handsome!

Ps.. Also depicted is a roll of Obama sh*t paper.. Just in case we run out of the plain paper.
Happy Thanksgiving to you all. I am thankful for all my customers. Kind regards from Billy and Billy J from Grouchy's. 🍗🍻
There is cool, and then there is 2018 FORD F150 700 HORSEPOWER SHELBY COOL.. My customers have class.
Congratulations to the Fallon Greenwave Football Team !!!! 2018 STATE CHAMPIONS!! GREAT WORK !! Making Fallon proud!
Can anyone guess what I got from another cool customer today? I bet I'm the only one in Nevada who has one..
Thanks Garrett for the cool tags!!
One of my cool customers cruised down to the barbershop today, in his restored Studebaker Avanvti...The man has style.
[10/01/18]   Grouchy's Barbershop and Shave Parlor will be CLOSED tomorrow until Oct 24th in observance of deer hunting season.
Cool cut
[09/15/18]   Visiting Barber today at Grouchy's Barbershop..Come down and get a good cut! Will be here til 4.
Crisp x Clean Cuts at Grouchy's
6 months ... It's been 6 months in business and I want to give a HUGE SHOUT OUT! THANK YOU FALLON!!! Because of you I am here and thriving!! I am so grateful to all of my customers for their continued business, and patience while I've worked out some kinks getting started. I am very humbled by all the love you all have shown me and Grouchy's Barbershop and Shave Parlor. Thank you so very much. Looking at February-ish for a potential start time for my son Billy to be my wing-Man, and a provider to you of tonsorial art. I know y'all will love his smile, and charm as much as I do.
Until then, stay handsome.
I have the coolest customers.. I probably have the only barbershop that proudly displays a "Bore evacuator" from an Abrams Tank.. This little gem was brought in by a badass ARMY Tanker today.. I'm stoked.
[07/20/18]   Retired cop day in the barbershop today!!! It was great to see some of my ol' sheepdog brothers o'mine!!! Thanks again brothers!!!
The longest hair of my career (to date) award goes to.... Mondo!! Thanks Mondo for letting me practice my craft after 7 years of no hair cuts!!! Youre looking sharp brother!!
The cool kids go to Grouchy's Barber Shop
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Sharp cuts x Smooth fades x Clean shaves
[05/10/18]   I have the coolest customers... That is all..
Fun time hanging out with my brother in law, Dino..who is up visiting from LBC.. Fresh new "Quiff cut and a couple bourbons later.. Good start to the weekend!
Billy Coleman Barbering
Hippies arn't cool anymore
Thank you Fallon!
Helping this young man get ready for his big wedding day this Saturday.. Thanks for trusting me, Aaron.. You looks sharp, and I wish you and your new bride forever happiness.
[04/07/18]   Grouchy's Barbershop and Shave Parlor is pleased to announce that on Tuesday April 10th from 10 to 6 we will joined by a visiting Barber from Carson City who will be accepting WALK ins all day. Come on into Grouchy's and get a fresh cut!

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