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[04/02/20]   Hello to everyone! I just wanted to reach out and talk a little bit about what’s going on in this crazy time. 15 days ago without any warning a lot of small businesses got told that they would no longer be able to work. For a hairdresser and many other people this is devastating to our livelihoods. Not only do we sometimes work paycheck to paycheck but we as hairdressers work client to client. We are mom‘s, wives, hairdressers, we wear many hats. Hang in there for us people, wait for us! When we can get back to work be there for us! Show up to your appointments, reach out to your hairdresser tell her you love her, or him. Show some love anyway you can. Stay safe, stay well.
Love from all of us ❤️
Shannon, Vicky, Karen, Bianca and Malinda.
Before and after tape in extensions 😊
Before and after smoothing treatment
When your about to leave for College, what do you do?... get a Keratin smoothing treatment!!
We did a smoothing treatment today to tame down her curls!!!
This girl wanted to add some pizazz to her look so we went with a black amethyst balayaged into a red violet
Natural silver/white hair is so beautiful as well as the woman who is sporting her new bob haircut
[02/21/19]   I would just like to remind the public that if no one replies to a message on our business page please feel free to call the shop phone Number which is also posted on our page. Thank you and I apologize if we have been late in response

Did this beauty’s hair a couple weeks ago. Been so busy I’ve forgotten to post it
Before and after. Color and extensions
Coté is paraben free, sulfate free, gluten free and GMO free. Shelves are stocked and ready
Little before and after for Cole
Going lighter takes time and patience. His is her 3rd sitting
Life isn’t perfect
your hair can be!
Just a couple of different blondes for today
From short to long. Before and after extensions
Did these lashes today on Ms Sarah 🖤
She’s wearing a
Classic Set of Bella Lash Extensions
Too schedule message Jenn @ 419.577.5941
What a difference 😍😍
Bianca Lopez is wearing a Classic Set Of Bella Lashes 🖤
Will post a final results picture shortly 🖤
To schedule call or message Jenn
The Lash Room 🖤
From short to long again. I was at the pint of cutting it off instead of growing my hair out so I had Bianca Lopez put extensions in. BEAUTIFULLY DONE young lady
And that’s a wrap today !!!😅😅
Busy , busy with Lashes😍
I seriously have the best clients ❤️
Another Set of Classic Lash Extensions in the books❤️
Call or Text Jenn at 419.577.5941
Got Blonde Lashes ?!
Tired of wearing Mascara ?!
Well ... I’ve got the solution !!
Bri just got a Classic Set of Bella Lash Extensions 😍😍 and loving them ❤️
Wears so natural , soft too the touch ❤️
Contact Jenn at 419.577.5941

Hailey said goodbye too her blonde lashes and using mascara today 🖤
She’s wearing a Classic Set of
Lash Extensions 🖤
$100 for a full Set
419.577.5941 to schedule
Lashes , lashes and more lashes this week😍
Classic Full Set of Lash Extensions $100
Call or Text Jenn @ 419.577.5941

Love the new Curl & Lash Mascara 🖤
If Lash Extensions are not your thing , no worries !! This Mascara delivers massive results ! Lift, fullness and length 😍
Comment below 👇🏼 for more information
🖤Now offering Eyelash Extensions🖤
🖤Full Set $100
🖤Evenings and Weekend Appointments
🖤To schedule call : 419.577.5941
On the left Is lash extensions on the right is without I don’t wanna wear mascara and now I’m good thank you Jennifer Lynn for the extensions. Call 775-423-5853 to book your appointment
Salon Serendipity
Hair by Bianca
From short to long. Really changes a persons looks but sure is fun to see the difference
Hair by Bianca
Here at Salon Serendipity it isn't just about's about laughter and food too....Street tacos are one of our favorites 😁

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