The Electric Chairs Salon by DIXI

145 Industrial Way, Fallon, NV, 89406

The Electric Chairs Salon by DIXI

145 Industrial Way

Fallon, NV, 89406

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Buckle Up~buttercup All the feels... 😡😭🥴😁🎃🤪
Power of Positivity
[06/22/20]   Today is a new and wonderful day...key. You have control! 1) did you walk in the direction of your personal goals the moment your feet hit the floor? Part of our HELP mentality (our message to GOD is help) is you receive from our Living Loving God .. help, but is it the answer you want to hear? At the time possible no, but further on Dow that road( ease on ease on down the road)
[09/25/19]   Oh what a Beautiful Day in Fallon!!!! I feel SO Blessed to be working in this Wonderful Little Town. My salon, is about YOU receiving the BEST SERVICE HAIR, NAILS, PEDICURE services! We look forward to making you feel fabulous💇🏼‍♀️❤️💞
[11/02/18]   Oh what a Blessing To Be A Hairdresser! It feel absolutely Amazing to Make a Difference in YOUR DAY!! Thanks for Making A Difference in Mine!
[02/14/18]   I’m having a huge inventory sale. Duo’s (shampoo and conditioner) at AMAZING prices. Kendra, Paul Mitchell, TWISTED for curly hair! Come get your hair products from me😀
[10/25/17]   Thank you to all my wonderful clients, God has blessed me with new clients, I Thank all my Clients who have stayed with me. It's hard to believe it has been a year.!! Happy Holidays. Sending you all much LOVE, Peace and JOY
[08/29/17]   I appreciate YOU!
[08/28/17]   What a Life!! To Love a "job" that makes you feel so good! It's a good life!!! I want to Thank each and everyone of you for your support and LOVE... Someone said to me this week "You're not just my hairdresser, You're my friend, and I Love YOU~! WOW moment for me... This isn't a job, yes I have to charge to stay open, but I can honestly say I Love and care about everyone in my chair. A lot of YOU and YOUR Family are mine. (I care and Love your kids, I want to see them succeed) We share a common interest "BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE"... Love~d
[07/25/17]   Good evening my EC friends! Awhhh Life is so good, blessed to have new clients and a place I call 'HOME'! Thank you to my faithful clients, sometimes it's not easy but I really Appreciate Each and Everyone of You! Much Love~Dixi
[05/11/17]   THANK YOU FALLON!! For giving me a wonderful Life at 145 Industrial! (Electric Chairs by DIXI). I could never imagine how life can be so simple without the stress. I appreciate all of you and I'm thankful for ALL the referrals!!
[04/22/17]   Thank you so much for all my new clients referrals!!! Wow- Thank you!!! I'll never stop saying how truly BLESSED I am!,, Tracy, Loren, TJ, Shayle- my Fagg Family ♥️♥️♥️♥️✂️
[03/20/17]   I really don't get how GOD has Blessed me so much....But all I can say is "Thank you Father"... Cancer once again has entered my life with My Friend and Love! GOD is our path! One day AT a TIME!! I can only LOVE as Christ did, I need to Let Go of things I CAN'T CONTROL! TODAY, I will Turn my Life over to God.. LET GO LET GOD!
[03/05/17]   I can't Thank you enough for your support! But I'm on another mission!!! Cancer has effected me and my Clients I ❤❤❤! I need your help! Which I'm not good at asking for help! I will give you NO names, but I need help to help them! Today God Blessed me with a client that is involved in "warriors for cancer in NV! All proceeds goes to the families ! Life is precious and ❤🙏🏻each day! I believe I'm in this world for a reason-??? You?
[02/12/17]   I have to say.. I've owned Electric Chairs for 20 Years, I bought the Salon from Gloria Frey! I've worked hard to keep talented stylist, manicurist in my Salon. I wish "The Best of FALLON, REALY had a true number.. Each Salon provides ballots .....*True be told!!! I did the same in 2015... /So tonight I will say"WHO gives the Best Customer Service, Who insures your Hair Quality!!! ME, because I care! Xo
[02/12/17]   I wish I could write everyone of my clients this week by name... However what I will post, WOW.... We had a wonderful week!!! Everyday I shake my head, HOW am I SO Blessed... The People that are in my life NOW! My AWESOME Clients that have stayed with me and showed me so much LOVE! Wendy thanks for wanting me to change my life, (NOT because you judge or preach) but by your example of what I could be.... Judgers that don't live it have NO right to JUDGE!! Ready for tomorrow! Callie.. (Thanks Mike for the suggestion, your right)!!!! Ready to LIVE STRONG and be Healthy!!!!
[02/09/17]   I want to Thank ALL of my Amazing clients for loving me enough though the tough times! However I Thank Each and everyone of you for staying with me and the Love and Kindness " you taught me"! I'm loving my new location-my clients get 100% of me! I appreciate Everyday! You all inspire me to be a better person, loving and appreciative for Living the Best Life Everyday❤🙏🏻✂
[01/01/17]   Thank You Fallon for your support for 20 years!!! Thank you to my AWESOME Clients/Friends! 2016 was great! A lot of changes, but all of you stayed Strong!!! I'm SO Thankful for 145 Industrial!!!! It's my HOME!!! Ill NEVER stop saying - How Blessed I am!! I know 2017 will being the best of all of yours
The Electric Chairs Salon by DIXI's cover photo
[11/15/16]   We're getting it together!! Can't wait for you to see 145 Industrial! ✂️❤️❤️❤️
The Electric Chairs Salon by DIXI
The Electric Chairs Salon by DIXI
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[10/28/16]   Now located at 145 Industrial Way! Excited about MY new location. Opening November 5, 2016!
[10/15/16]   Everyday that it gets closer to the closing of The Electric Chairs, I get so sentimental! Today I could post names that have made us all better people-just knowing you! The Births of your children(their first haircuts). Graduation from every grade, falling in an out of love! Proms, graduation and sport accomplished! Family tragedies, loss of so many wonderful clients, parents ! College, marriage and children❤️ Thanks for being such an important part of my life!!! And sharing all of your family with me! We are moving to a new location, but I'm excited for this new journey ! I promise to give you the BEST hair services and 100% of ME!
[10/12/16]   To all of my many wonderful clients and clients of my lessees of Electric Chairs thank you for your 20 years of support! God Bless each and Everyone of you!!❤️❤️❤️✂️
[08/16/16]   Had a great day yesterday learning about all vibrant colors... Come see us for the new JEWEL color, Burning Man Tie-Dye.. Oh you name it .... We can do it...!!
The Electric Chairs Salon by DIXI
June 26, 2011 June 26, 2011
[07/09/11]   JULY 9, 2010 WAS OUR GRAND OPENING AT 607 S. Maine.. We want to THANK YOU - our WONDERFUL CLIENTS for your Continued Support of Our Salon. And to MY AWESOME Salon Family.. Karen, Wendy, Malinda, Staley and Tawny - I'm so Blessed to Have You in my Salon!!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!
[07/02/11]   Happy 4th Of July Weekend. Wishing Everyone a Wonderful Safe Weekend!
[06/24/11]   RELAY FOR LIFE!!!
[06/18/11]   WE Have Had Such a WONDERFUL WEEK at the Salon.. It's GREAT to see all of our Loyal Clients. And I want to Thank You for Being such a part of Our Salon. And to the MANY MANY new clients that have come thru our doors this week, WELCOME!! WE ARE BLESSED - and I LOVE TO HEAR "This Salon is Beautiful"!! Hard work and Dedication from My Salon Family!! That's what makes YOU FEEL AT HOME!!

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The Electric Chairs Salon by DIXI

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