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Christmas bows will be at the salon today!!
We are so excited to introduce you to our nail tech Chris!! Here are some gorgeous photo of her work & the best news! She’s accepting new clients! You can reach her at 775-299-1072 to book! 🥰 welcome to our team Chris!
Matte Finish Nails done by Niki 😍
Beautiful hair done by Kimberly 🥰
Amazing job done by Teddi Taylor Dullum❤️ Seriously the sweetest client to make a bad day better! I hope you guys know how much I love getting to know you while you’re in my chair! 💕 @mcoakes33 you are stunning!!

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Cute summer nails done by Niki 😍
Hello friends! TNT is looking to add hairstylists/ nail tech to our team! If you are interested please call or text our owner, Niki Taylor, @ 775-397-0393 to get more details! 🥰
[05/08/20]   Thank you for your patience during this pandemic.
We are so excited to have a date!!!
We are checking things off the list they gave us to be able open up!
We need to make sure things are in place first for everyone’s protection . We are looking at next week ( Sams last radiation is next week so Dr will let her know the next step plans) 🙏🏻
We will be taking this in steps. We have a list of those we had to cancel and will be going in the order they were canceled so please be patient.
We have a few changes and guidelines that will make appointment times change as we don’t know how long it will take to sanitize between. We will send instructions prior to your appointment.
Thank you for understanding, we look forward to seeing you and making America beautiful again!
❤️Niki & Kimberly
Just waiting for a date 🙏🏻 There is no established date for businesses that deliver hair, nail, and skin care services to reopen. LEAP, Governor Sisolak, and the Medical Advisory Team (MAT) will review data provided from the Nevada State Board of Cosmetology to determine if the statewide criteria are met in order for a phased opening to occur.

Our offices are still working diligently to offer as much information as possible. As soon as we know we will share via our website, email communication, and all social media outlets. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.
[04/30/20]   Well we will be about another 2 weeks my friends. We will let you know when we have an exact date! Hang in there and know that you are loved & missed! ❤️
Be Happy Just say NO.💇‍♀️💇‍♂️💇‍♀️💇‍♂️
Nope we are not! We miss our clients! ❤️😢 * SEND HELP! 😜 HERE'S 10 WAYS!!!

meme @kellymcormickhair
I ordered these for salon for Easter and they just came in. So sad this stinking Virus has shut us down! I was hoping to be back up and working by Easter. So stinking cute. I remember when they came out with the princess brushes I was surprised they didn’t have Rapunzel. She has the most hair! Stay safe and healthy out there.
We have some root spray in stock if you need to cover your roots til we can get you back in our chairs! You can comment to claim or text Niki @775-397-0393. We miss our clients & hope you are well ♥️
KUTV 2News We love you and promise we will be ready to take care of you when this is over. Please don’t get creative lol 😂 HAIR & CORONAVIRUS: We’re talking with the owner of a Salt Lake City salon, Matthew Landis, about massage therapists and hair stylists — their physical and financial health.
Bitch Code * This will only make matters worse!🤣
- @hairbysarayah

The Neighborhood Bitches We could all use a little laugh! We will be prepared! 😉 We're about 3 weeks away from knowing everyones real hair color.
[03/19/20]   As of 12:00 this afternoon we fell under the governors mandate as a nonessential business and had to close our doors for the next 30 days. We are doing everything we can to be ready to get you in as soon as we have the go ahead. We would like for you to understand that this is all out of our control and ask for patience as we all get through this together. We will miss you and look forward to seeing you soon. If you have any questions please reach out to me 775-397-0393 thank you for all your love and support.
[03/16/20]   As of right now TNT is open for our clients. We are asking if you are sick or your kids are sick please reschedule. Also we are trying to keep the number of people in salon to a minimum so if at all possible those without appointments need to stay home. We have family members that have compromised immune systems that cannot be exposed. We are following all state board sanitation policies and are sorry for any inconveniences. Sincerely Niki, Amanda, Kimberly, Daphne & Teddi
Nails by Daphne 😍😍 call/text her @(775) 741-3519 to book
[03/07/20]   Daphne has a last minute appt at 2!!! Call/text her @ (775) 741-3519 to grab it!
Daphne has openings TODAY! Call/text her @ (775) 741-3519 to get your spot ♥️
Daphne has openings on Tuesday! Call/text her @ (775) 741-3519 to get on her books ✨
Dr. Suess week is Monday! We have these cute bows available for purchase at the salon today 😍

What’s your favorite Dr. Suess book?!
This cute girl decided to donate her hair today! Soo cute!!!
New bow Tuesday! 😆 aren’t these cute?! We have St. Patrick’s day bows & Dr. Suess bows coming out this week! ♥️
[02/22/20]   Daphne has an opening today at 1:30! She can get you in for nails or haircuts! Text/ call her @ (775) 741-3519 to grab the spot ♥️
TNT Hair & Nail Salon Ok we’re working on Valentine bows!!! We need your input. Do we have any interest in baby bow headbands or do you prefer the clips? Please let us know! ♥️
New bows!!! We have some adorable everyday ones and of course valentines! We have some petite sizes that can be customized as a headband or a clip in 😊
These will be available to purchase at the salon tomorrow! Come get your little one a new Valentines bow 💋

We can always take custom orders if you have something specific in mind.
Ok we’re working on Valentine bows!!! We need your input. Do we have any interest in baby bow headbands or do you prefer the clips? Please let us know! ♥️
Daphne has openings! (775) 741-3519 to book 😀
Daphne has openings this Saturday! Call/text her @(775) 741-3519 to get in 🥰 she does hair & nails!
Cowboy poetry bows!!!

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